Movers and Shakas

About a year ago I applied for a program called “Movers and Shakas,” a program that flies digital nomads to Hawaii and finds them a place to stay and live so on…

I knew I was too novice to qualify but I applied anyways. When I got the rejection letter they said, “You do not share our values” or something along those lines.

This is the type of self-righteous bullshit I hate about this place.

Also, there are places in the world like Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Medellin that have digital nomads flock to their location, no need to bribe with a plane ticket or place to live. These places naturally know how to get these types of people to spend money in their economy. The locals are intelligent, curious, and forward looking people who can adapt better to globalization.

Hawaii will never be that no matter how much money you pump into a program because the people are anti-technology luddites and not very open-minded when it comes to tech or in most cases outsiders choosing Hawaii as a place to live and start a life.

When I get the ball rolling in my tech career I’m leaving this place in the dust ASAP. I don’t want to get trapped here. I want to go to a place with abundant opportunities and I am surrounded by really smart people.


During my last days in Danzan Ryu and one of my last sessions there was some major cringe coming from a visiting black belt from Portland.

I guess I had been having my doubts about DZR and was thinking of switching to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, which I did.

This “black belt” asked for my arm to demonstrate a move. Usually, we do this to learn the move or what not. Pretty normal stuff. Except, this guy wouldn’t let go. I started laughing out loud but I was tapping and this dipshit would not let go. I think he was trying to teach me something but he’s really a dipshit.

Here’s the thing. In BJJ when we do a move during a live session we never ask for the arm. And when we tap we LET GO. There’s surprisingly little ego in my experience with BJJ. In a real life situation no one is going to give you their arm.

DZR in Hawaii does ZERO live training. Actually, rather than spar they mimic a move in slow motion. It’s cool for safety but honestly that training doesn’t prepare one for anything “live.” When I started BJJ I could no longer stay with DZR because it just seemed like LARPing or some joke.

I understand people get into Martial Arts for many different reasons. For some, it’s a social thing. Or maybe very light physical activity. I remember coming out of DZR sessions not sweaty with the gi ready to be used again. Anyone who does BJJ knows after a session you are drenched in your sweat and others and the best thing is to wash your gi immediately.

This jabronie later on was commenting on how he’s glad he’s a black belt so he can defend himself and his wife. A DZR blackbelt takes four to six years to get. Most dojos don’t spar. A BJJ black belt usually takes on average 10 years. Admittedly, it would probably take someone like myself 12 to 15 years to get there, but I will stick with it as long as I can.

I’ve had about a year and a half of BJJ and unfortunately had to take months off because of a meniscus tear. But that time is probably worth more than that dude’s entire time in a cosplay type martial art. I think if I ever see him again I should just rush him in front of his wife just to prove a point. A guy like that couldn’t hang in a session in anything live.

As a matter of fact, DZR here in Hawaii is pretty pretentious. A lot of their higher belts are obese and overweight. Their training really doesn’t compare to the MMA style of anything live. DZR is probably only a year older than BJJ but they train traditionally which pretty much means it’s worthless in a real life situation. The people can be really cringey and pretentious. I’m sure the technique is superior to BJJ but the way it’s taught makes it produce bullshit.

BJJ is the polar opposite. There is little to no ego. We train live which gets nuts and pretty frustrating but I have lost so much weight. The black belts don’t demonstrate bad behavior and have usually gone through a grueling ordeal. There’s more growth in something like that than traditional martial arts. The egos on some people who do Karate, Tae Kwon Doe, and Traditional Jujitsu is pretty laughable.

BJJ had it’s test during the old school UFC bouts. Now, in MMA it’s one of the fundamental pillars.

My knee is bad right now. I can’t wait to get back. I’ll probably have a surgery. But, I’m in this for life. In not I’ll probably die in five years from a heart attack or something.

Christianity Really Bugs Me

I’m all for the First Amendment and freedom of expression and religious beliefs. I’m not a preacher who wants to convert others to a way of thinking. I would rather describe things how I see them.

Life in Hawaii and the United States is extremely mundane, rigid, and boring. I blame Christianity for a lot of this. Especially here in Hawaii where there’s a lot of social conservative even though most people out here are liberal. It’s funny because people out here speak out about being colonized and having to accept to a degree a Western way of life. However, these same people really love Western Judeo-Christianity and Jesus, and probably a Caucasian one too.

Once people bring up Christianity you can pretty much say goodbye to having a rational of thoughtful conversation. Sometimes the Christian ideals make people really caring, loving, and thoughtful people. It makes them better people. But it’s also a distraction. I notice that my family is religious but they do not live their lives practically. They have too many children than they can really manage, which is sad because I would love the United States to be a country like Denmark where there is a socialistic element that gives your offspring a better chance at a quality life regardless of where you are economically. Most people my age are opting out on children because it’s just too fucking hard to raise anyone in the USA these days.

There’s churches everywhere. In Hilo there are three corner ones on an intersection. There’s a lot of wholesome family friendly stuff to get into. However, there’s no chaos or nightlife. I’m not expecting Hawaii to be like Thailand with whores everywhere but things are so sterile and boring.

If people knew what I really got into in my past they would think I was a devil-worshipper or someone who just chases pleasure. I am the latter. Why be alive if every day is going to be stale and uninteresting?

I’m sure living in the South and Midwest are a lot like this as well. And I blame Christianity. I really fucking do.

I lived in a Buddhist society for a while. No one tried to convert me. No one judged me. There were great bars and fun open people. I stayed up all hours of the night and met the most amazing people I ever encountered.

Here in the States I think the people are more or less uniform. They are not terribly interesting. I can guess what they think or feel based on Joe Average’s perspectives. More or less there are little surprises. Their interests really don’t extend past their small towns or experience. Most go to Church. Most work mundane and uninteresting jobs. Most don’t travel.

I’m bored. I’m so fucking bored.

A Socialist Anti-Natalist Opinion

Someone told me a criticism I had with the birth of children would be the burden on the welfare system.

This is furthest from the truth and an attempt to make it seem like I say things that I have not.

My criticism is that in the United States, it is getting harder and harder just to survive. It gets harder with each following generation.

Future generations of children might not have the educational opportunities I had. Their work opportunities might not be that great. The planet is getting harder to live in because humans are altering the environment.

I wish we all lived in Denmark. I will not be having children unless I could provide a great life for them.