Village Christian Schools

Facebook deleted a review I posted of Village Christian Schools located in Sun Valley, California.  Reading through the other reviews I noticed that most critical reviews were gone.

This is disconcerting as it seems Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg, are no longer being objective and neutral.

I will briefly describe my experience there.

People at this school are religious to the point of losing rationality.  Most students are Caucasian and from very rich families.

Students with parents that are “powerful in the Church,” meaning they probably give a lot of money, have pretty much a blank check on their behavior.  I remember a “friend” telling me he broke a student’s sternum once.  His father was powerful in the church and thus no disciplinary action ever took place.

A lot of curriculum is missing.  There are no discussions on evolution.  Every student is required to take a bible class which pretty much boils down to lessons on morality.

The school is featured in a film called, “The God That Wasn’t there,” which is basically a film about people who were brought up in Christian households but totally reject Christianity in their adult lives.

Looking back this place is pretty scary.  I remember being told that my generation would live to see the “End Times” as in Revelations.  Many of students probably grow up to right-wing nutters.  We would watch films about the Post-Rapture Society.

If you are a minority or deviate from their perception of a normal Christian American it will feel really awkward and uncomfortable attending this school.  Many staff and students frown upon secularism.

This is basically what I mention in my Facebook review.  Since Net Neutrality is pretty much gone and finished I take it Zuckerberg and company have taken it upon themselves to remove anything others might not like.  Including an objective review of a religious educational institution.  Although, I highly suspect the school probably paid Facebook a bit of money to get rid of the reviews.