Why I’m Different from the Common Person

Look around here.  What does one see in the people?

Interchangeable characters all wearing the same type of baggy clothes driving their Toyota Tacoma with vaporizer glued to their lips.  Puffing out the same tired mist.

After a while, these people become cardboard cutouts.  One and the same.  Indistinguishable, unremarkable, the human equivalent to an annoying background noise.

Travel around this great nation and one can find more examples of this type of monoculture.  Everyone seems the same.  They hold the same opinions and do the same things.  Quite bland.

OH IF I WERE COMMON LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!  If I just wore Volcom, drove a giant pickup truck, and was married to some heffer with three children already.  I could have a job breaking rocks.  Then maybe my mother and family would be more accepting of me!

Alas, I am a Lion.  We Lions bear an enormous crucifix throughout our lives.  Many go throughout their lives thinking themselves strange and outcast.

It turns out many are just intellectual and use the God-given gift called “rationalization.”  For us, we can anticipate the consequences of our actions, make predictions about our future, and most importantly perform a risk-reward calculation.

You see, a wild animal is just driven by their human drives.  Once they start smoking cigarettes they get hooked.  You can show them people who have holes in their throats from smoking or warn about the dangers of lung cancer and they would still appease that drive to light up.

A Lion, on the other hand, examines the long-term consequences of these actions.  They say “perhaps I wouldn’t like to die eating through my stomach, speaking through a voicebox, and generally spending my existence in misery.”

When they have sex, do they worry about the growth of the human population and the increase in carbon footprint?  Nay, they do not even look inwards to themselves determining whether or not they have the capability to properly raise a child or children in the United States.  With no career, no fortune, and not even the slightest blueprint of a future plan they delve into the huge responsibility of childbirth with the wherewithal of one who is going to “take a shit.”

Then their children grow up and do the same exact thing.  Thus the cycle continues.  This is folly.

Someone closer to the Ubermensch or Overman, someone closer to being a Lion than their born Animal Natures are able to see the cost of smoking or plan for life-changing events such as bringing children into this godforsaken world.  They are able to assess the situation.

Our decisions are made with evidence.  Our actions are deliberate.  We can avoid the trailer-park existence most Americans are suited to these days.

Just as in Zarathustra, humans have an innate Animal Nature and the possibility to rationalize and think logically.  Most people are on the “animal” end of the spectrum and lead a mindless existence of perpetual consumption. Their contributions are more like that of a virus.

The Isolation of Being More Than….

I am too sophisticated to relate to the average common person.

It would be like an average human trying to understand the behavior and motives of a baboon.

It is impossible to try.

How I wish I was common!  I couldn’t be common if I tried.  Yes, there is strength in my position as a being closer to overman than my fellow humans.  Alas, it is a lonely position.  Not many people can relate.  I am not a herd animal, I never could be, just as the common lamb could never dream of becoming a lion…