Dr. Caroline Heldman is a joke

Dr. Caroline is best known as a pundit set up to make people like Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto look good. She is on television every now and then because she does hold a Doctorate in Political Science (I think).

She is best known for being around the Cosby rape victims and in pictures supporting them. She supposedly is a proponent against sexual assault.

I guess, except when it is politically inconvenient for her. In this case, the situation involving Joe Biden and his now eight accusers.

At first, she accused me of fabricating these claims all on my own. She never apologized.

Man, this conversation will NOT age well.

Now she is splitting hairs saying that Joe Biden is a “sexual predator” and not a rapist. However, she is still willing to accuse Trump of rape. To my knowledge there are no accounts of Trump or Biden actually holding someone down and penetrating them with their penis (sorry, if we are to split hairs about this term then I have to get VERY specific). Yet, if you ask her Trump is a rapist and Biden just a sexual predator.

So which is it? Either they are both rapist for their behavior or sexual predators. Personally, that does not matter to me. They are both heinous people committing violence against vulnerable women.

I used to think she was a champion against this type of behavior, but now I view her as someone who just believes and support things when it is convenient. Oh, Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein? They are scum. Biden? No, we have to be VERY careful to diminish his behavior and put him in the category of sexual predator than rapist. Let’s get them terms right now!

She is a joke. She will vote shame you for not voting for Biden, even if you do show up to vote for a third party. All her support of the Cosby victims and #MeToo victims, most likely just bullshit to make her look like a good person. She’s really not when you look deeper.

I also had a female friend who was being stalked. Since I considered her someone who would know what to do in these situations I asked her about it. She never replied. Probably too busy on television trying to pretend she stands up for women’s safety.