Black Metal Mentality

I enjoy this genre very much.

It has kind of taught me to live life as an individual as someone separate from the rest of mankind because of my rationality and scepticism.

Many artists also emphasize nature and the power of the forests and mountains. Extreme and powerful weather like blizzards.

On the one hand you have your bands that sound a bit punkish (I know I can get a bit of hate for this) like Carpathian Forest, Mayhem, and some of Gorgoroth. It has a very tongue and cheek and blasphemous portrayal of Christianity and society.

Then you have the artists like Emperor and Satyricon which kind of approach the genre as a high art almost.

I used to be a big Lady Gaga fan…

I used to be a really big Lady Gaga fan.  I had her album.  I bought her songbook and started learning her songs on the keyboard.

Then years later I see her in a photo wearing a dead fox around her neck.

Something about that struck me as extremely vulgar.  I love woodland creatures and the fact that one died just so some bitch could wear it around its neck really disgusted me.

Sooo….  I’m not longer a fan.

By the way, that David Bowie medley Gaga did was shit.  Oh, and Pink was able to dangle from the top of the ceiling  while demonstrating acrobatics while singing her heart out.  Lady Gaga never did shit like that.