The Exorcism of Bjorn

Exorcism of Bjorn Ferm

This is my Uncle Bjorn.

He’s not actually my Uncle but he’s a really fun dude to hang out with.  The commanding voice in the background is Keithen.  I love these guys and they were my great friends while I lived in Bangkok.

Since Uncle likes to drink sometimes he can get totally inebriated.  I suppose it is like a demon that comes and terrorizes someone.

My friend decided to do an exorcism in the street around 2:30 AM.  It was a very exciting night.

Eventually there was a fallout though and I had to get away from the excitement and walk back home.

I love these nights though and they are quite precious.  I had an awesome social life.

Strength from a Lifelong Influence

There are two people who greatly influenced my life and have penetrated my psyche.  I have a particular personality and I think I have absorbed some of their essence into my being.

The first is Howard Stern.  I think I have taken on some of his cynicism, sarcasm, and biting scathing remarks towards enemies or people I would dislike.

He has always told his brutal truth and I admire him for it.  I feel a strength from his anger.  People like Les Moonves have betrayed him and I enjoy his constant haranguing of him.  When he had a witch on his show and they did a spell to give him cancer I thought it was genius and inspiring.  I wished prostate cancer on someone I hated after that.

There is a blackness and darkness I can definitely identify with.  It has inspired me to speak my mind even when people hate me for it.  Some members of my family do not speak to me anymore and I have lost friends, but it is worth it and better than trying to impress everyone.  I no longer care if what I say makes me unhirable or unlikable I say it anyways.  I think it is a strength and for people who have this trait and life eventually works out great in the end because they have integrity and are not trying to measure up to other people.

I live on an island of inbred meth-addicted ass clowns who just eat spam and macaroni all day.  Most of the women are not under 250 lbs.  People here talk like they have single digit IQs.  Nothing here works because the island is run by morons.

If I cared about making friends or being in the good graces of the people of Hawaii I would not have said that.  But I don’t so fuck them, they can suck my nuts.

I know my family would hate me for saying that, but again, I don’t care.

Like Howard, being this strong, it eventually weeds out the people one doesn’t want in their life anyways.  Sometimes I unintentionally hurt someone I love, but then I realize I am forged from a stronger steel.