Dr. Caroline Heldman is a joke

Dr. Caroline is best known as a pundit set up to make people like Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto look good. She is on television every now and then because she does hold a Doctorate in Political Science (I think).

She is best known for being around the Cosby rape victims and in pictures supporting them. She supposedly is a proponent against sexual assault.

I guess, except when it is politically inconvenient for her. In this case, the situation involving Joe Biden and his now eight accusers.

At first, she accused me of fabricating these claims all on my own. She never apologized.

Man, this conversation will NOT age well.

Now she is splitting hairs saying that Joe Biden is a “sexual predator” and not a rapist. However, she is still willing to accuse Trump of rape. To my knowledge there are no accounts of Trump or Biden actually holding someone down and penetrating them with their penis (sorry, if we are to split hairs about this term then I have to get VERY specific). Yet, if you ask her Trump is a rapist and Biden just a sexual predator.

So which is it? Either they are both rapist for their behavior or sexual predators. Personally, that does not matter to me. They are both heinous people committing violence against vulnerable women.

I used to think she was a champion against this type of behavior, but now I view her as someone who just believes and support things when it is convenient. Oh, Bill Cosby or Harvey Weinstein? They are scum. Biden? No, we have to be VERY careful to diminish his behavior and put him in the category of sexual predator than rapist. Let’s get them terms right now!

She is a joke. She will vote shame you for not voting for Biden, even if you do show up to vote for a third party. All her support of the Cosby victims and #MeToo victims, most likely just bullshit to make her look like a good person. She’s really not when you look deeper.

I also had a female friend who was being stalked. Since I considered her someone who would know what to do in these situations I asked her about it. She never replied. Probably too busy on television trying to pretend she stands up for women’s safety.

Yeah, My Sister’s BF

Back in the 2000s Robin Finck, the guitarist for Nine Inch Nails and sometimes Guns and Roses, called my sister with a task he needed help with.

He needed to inventory and sell the stuff in his storage unit. This was like effect processors and guitar pedals.

My sister started doing it but had a breakdown where she couldn’t proceed. Her boyfriend at the time and presently was cheating on her so she couldn’t get it together.

So she didn’t do much help to Robin. This is a guy who has been pretty nice to her and maybe if she did this assignment it could have opened doors for a career.

Lindsay and her boyfriend drive Uber now. He lives with my Mom because he’s a “father” now. All he really did was stick his dick in my sister and now he gets to live in a nice neighborhood.

A big part of why I train Jiu-jitsu is because I’m going to tear this guy limb from limb with my bare hands.

Why Sanders is a Threat to the Military-Industrial Complex

Bernie Sanders wants everyone to have healthcare, access to education, and other social services like childcare. Many in Europe already have these things and have had them for decades.

Usually, when people are poor and live in non-prosperous areas they turn to the military to help provide them with job training, access to health services, and when they are done with their service money to attend the school of their choice. This is all provided they do not get killed, blown to bits, or end up a vegetable for the rest of their life.

Bernie’s plans would alleviate many people’s woes and the army would prove a less attractive opportunity if peoples were guaranteed a certain standard of life.

You see, America is a neoliberal dystopian shithole. Poverty has always been a major recruiter for the U.S. Army. People are born poor and they sign up in order to escape their poverty. Given how generally shitty America is there is never a shortage of recruits for this volunteer army. There are always people willing to go fight for freedom, or more likely, the resources of other nations. There is the phrase, “Your zip code is your destiny.”

The United States Military is the most socialist institution in the county. They will pay for your housing, day care, medical needs, and educational tuition. In exchange you have to go around killing brown people. They love it more if you are a brown person and sign up too.

It’s ironic that many indigineous peoples of the U.S. make up a huge portion of recruits. What they do is basically destroy other peoples’ societies and culture. Exactly what was done to their ancestors. I see a never-ending cycle.

It comes as no surprise that the United States does not have free tuition or universal healthcare. Without it they can’t get poor people to go kill other poor people in third world countries who happen to be sitting on oil or some other precious resource. Given Global Warming, if you believe in it, the world is just going to have less resources like water and people are just generally going to be more aggressive and fighting for dwindling resources. Of course Jesus Christ might come in before that all happens so you never know.

So yeah, America should do better but the elite have a huge advantage that the average person is lethargic and apathetic. They are usually too poor and ignorant to recognize the predicament in the larger sense.