Rube Stepfather

I share this anecdote to relay how my stepfather thinks.

We have all been to Las Vegas, right?  Any person who knows the barest amount of statistics can at least tell you that The House has an advantage against the average person.  This is how they make their money, only a few lucky people will.

They have, and probably still have, this really awesome Aliens video slot machine.  If you want to see the pretty animations and just have fun it’s one cent per pull minimum.

Knowing that my odds of winning a significant amount of money are  not that great I decided to just do the minimum just so I can see the awesome animations.  I am a fan of Aliens.

But of course, my stepfather was saying that you have to put in “real” money just win anything.  Just playing a penny per pull was not good enough.  He was treating it like a science and was totally serious.  He seemed frustrated that I would gamble just a penny per session.

That’s the type of rube he was.

The same type of person who didn’t believe in second-hand smoke and would smoke in close proximity to children in his car.  The same that doesn’t believe in scientists, doctors, and global warming.  By the way, in his final ten years of life he was in chronic pain and eating through a tube in his stomach.

I do not spend a significant amount of money because I have a rudimentary knowledge of statistics.  I do not smoke because I know it can lead to lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, tongue cancer, and a pretty horrible quality of life.  I am not a rube.  I am not an animal.