Litmus Test on Parenting

I’ve decided on a litmus test on whether certain people I know pass or fail at being a parent. It’s quite simple. Here it goes:
If your child has a lower standard of living compared to how you did as a child YOU FAIL.
If your children has to join the US Military to attend school, obtain house, or get medical and dental care…. YOU FAIL.
If you outlive your child and they die due to reasons of poverty like living in a bad neighborhood and unable to leave and they get shot to death… YOU FAIL
If your child goes to prison and spends multiple years there as a felon… YOU FAIL.
If your child has children early on in life and that causes them and your grandchildren to live in poverty for the rest of their lives…YOU FAIL!
If your child is able to participate in life and move upwards in a higher bracket of income living and has a high quality of life… YOU WIN.
Looking back at my family members many have already failed. I’m looking at the new childbearing members of my family to not make the same mistakes their previous generations made, but you know people when did they ever learn from the past