Bill Maher on Stan Lee

Okay, so Bill Maher said along the lines of (paraphrasing):

“Stan Lee and comic books made people stupid.”

Statements like these just go to show the overgeneralizing and over-simplification of problems.  It likes people want an easy explanation for something.

That statement is along the lines of:

“California forest-fires happen because people don’t rake.”

It’s stupid and people who use this kind of rhetoric are ideological blowhards.  It’s an attention seeking ploy.

When I was in the Real Time audience everyone else stood up to give Bill a standing ovation before the show.  I did not.  


Everyone peaks at different times.

Look at Heather Locklear or George Clooney.  It took them until the age of 40 to really hit their stride.

I suppose a lot of people have a good run from the time they are around 18 to maybe age 25 or 30 and then it’s all downhill for them.

I do not think that I fit in that category.  And I think many people do not, so if you are reading this and have anxiety about turning middle age then please do not despair.  Our stars still burn bright.