My Stupid Cousin Got Hacked… Neener Neener

While eating wonderful and delicious Thai food my mother mentioned that a hacker got to my cousin.  The hacker took all his Bitcoin, which my cousin was living off of, and now my cousin has to get a regular job again.

I posted my conversation with my cousin.  I was asking him “What’s the value of Bitcoin?”  He avoided the question and eventually kicked me out of his life citing that I was “negative.”

He told me I was wasting my life playing video games and that I should get serious about investing.  He told me that I was wasting money by using Bitcoin to buy cannabis.

Oh, how it feels to be vindicated over and over again.  My cousins are idiots.  I guess if you have more than two brain cells to rub together you end up on their shitlist.  I haven’t had a Christmas or Thanksgiving with them in years, but you know what, fuck them!

This particular cousin is like a con-man making charts to tell people when to invest and when not.  Unfortunately, Bitcoin is not safe and you can get hacked and lose all your wealth in a manner of minutes.

Grand Theft Auto V is One of the Best Values Ever

I bought this game a couple years after release because I just couldn’t get a gaming PC together.

That and the hefty $60 price tag kept me away for a bit.  I bought it on sale, but let me tell you even if I didn’t it would be worth every penny.

I only play online.  I am sure the single-player campaign is epic and stellar, but I love interacting with other players.

This game just gets better and better.  The developers, Rockstar Games, are always adding new aspects to the game.  

A Motorcycle Club and Organization allowed me to do stuff like steal cars for cash and sell meth.  But they have added bunkers for doomsday scenarios, new game modes, and other private contract missions.  

Now just when I thought development was dead because you can get this game for $20 they add something called Arena War which I have yet to try.

This is how you do massive online gaming.  Hopefully Bethseda can take a look at this and gain something from what Rockstar does.