Christianity Really Bugs Me

I’m all for the First Amendment and freedom of expression and religious beliefs. I’m not a preacher who wants to convert others to a way of thinking. I would rather describe things how I see them.

Life in Hawaii and the United States is extremely mundane, rigid, and boring. I blame Christianity for a lot of this. Especially here in Hawaii where there’s a lot of social conservative even though most people out here are liberal. It’s funny because people out here speak out about being colonized and having to accept to a degree a Western way of life. However, these same people really love Western Judeo-Christianity and Jesus, and probably a Caucasian one too.

Once people bring up Christianity you can pretty much say goodbye to having a rational of thoughtful conversation. Sometimes the Christian ideals make people really caring, loving, and thoughtful people. It makes them better people. But it’s also a distraction. I notice that my family is religious but they do not live their lives practically. They have too many children than they can really manage, which is sad because I would love the United States to be a country like Denmark where there is a socialistic element that gives your offspring a better chance at a quality life regardless of where you are economically. Most people my age are opting out on children because it’s just too fucking hard to raise anyone in the USA these days.

There’s churches everywhere. In Hilo there are three corner ones on an intersection. There’s a lot of wholesome family friendly stuff to get into. However, there’s no chaos or nightlife. I’m not expecting Hawaii to be like Thailand with whores everywhere but things are so sterile and boring.

If people knew what I really got into in my past they would think I was a devil-worshipper or someone who just chases pleasure. I am the latter. Why be alive if every day is going to be stale and uninteresting?

I’m sure living in the South and Midwest are a lot like this as well. And I blame Christianity. I really fucking do.

I lived in a Buddhist society for a while. No one tried to convert me. No one judged me. There were great bars and fun open people. I stayed up all hours of the night and met the most amazing people I ever encountered.

Here in the States I think the people are more or less uniform. They are not terribly interesting. I can guess what they think or feel based on Joe Average’s perspectives. More or less there are little surprises. Their interests really don’t extend past their small towns or experience. Most go to Church. Most work mundane and uninteresting jobs. Most don’t travel.

I’m bored. I’m so fucking bored.