Movers and Shakas

About a year ago I applied for a program called “Movers and Shakas,” a program that flies digital nomads to Hawaii and finds them a place to stay and live so on…

I knew I was too novice to qualify but I applied anyways. When I got the rejection letter they said, “You do not share our values” or something along those lines.

This is the type of self-righteous bullshit I hate about this place.

Also, there are places in the world like Chiang Mai, Bangkok, and Medellin that have digital nomads flock to their location, no need to bribe with a plane ticket or place to live. These places naturally know how to get these types of people to spend money in their economy. The locals are intelligent, curious, and forward looking people who can adapt better to globalization.

Hawaii will never be that no matter how much money you pump into a program because the people are anti-technology luddites and not very open-minded when it comes to tech or in most cases outsiders choosing Hawaii as a place to live and start a life.

When I get the ball rolling in my tech career I’m leaving this place in the dust ASAP. I don’t want to get trapped here. I want to go to a place with abundant opportunities and I am surrounded by really smart people.