Dear Mom

You are a typical ignorant stupid vulgar American.

You embarrass the fuck out of me with your ignorance.

Why are you so stupid? How did you give birth to a son with average intelligence? I sometimes wonder if you are mildly retarded.

When I say I have average intelligence you say I brag about being a genius or something. No, it’s like I’m normal and not smart but you and many others in the family are dumber than dog shit. Having kids that you can’t take care of, entering pyramid schemes, I could go on.

You say I’m weird, but it’s more like I stick out in the family. Am I in jail? Have I been shot to death? Do I work a shit job because I have three kids I need to take care of? Am I acting passively aggressively to people who have it better than me?

No, I’m not. You should be proud. Your son is a human is a god damn family of monkeys.

Why the fuck did my ancestors decide to come to America? Were they retarded too?

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