Twitch Vapidity

When I do not meet enough people in life, in particular these past few years, I tend to try to supplement being around people with online methods. One of those methods is watching Twitch and sometimes interacting with the people doing their streaming “shows.”

Not surprisingly, aside from a few streamers the medium is mostly a toilet.

I watch mainly attractive women because I like watching them do stuff. Plus, the Big Island is kind of devoid of hot girls. There are a large number of women who do nothing but just have their mega-breasts hanging out for the whole stream. They rarely say anything and not surprisingly people give them hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. Just the other day I was watching a girl with cat make-up and cat ears and all she did was stare dully into the camera. She was beautiful but this shit gets boring after a while.

Some girls like to dance around, play video games, or cook things which is really more appreciated. That can be fun… for a while.

Others are just so self-absorbed and annoying it gets ridiculous. It’s like watching someone stroke their ego with a hundred and seventy viewers to reinforce their ego trip. The Twitch Developers usually encourage this inane shit because let’s face it, they have mostly heard about girls in books.

The handful that I keep returning to watch have something to offer like their personality or they are just interesting people to watch. I was watching this Korean girl karaoke the song “Maria” for a couple of hours because she seems like she’s insane. Thousands of people were watching her as well. It was bizarre but super enjoyable. People who are actually gamers are sometimes interesting to watch because they enjoy playing games and aren’t just doing it for the money. This whole industry is new and I think many people are joining the bandwagon just to make a quick buck. Particularly super-model type girls who normally don’t give AF about video games but do it because they can get a guy with Aspberger’s to just drop $500 on their channel in a second. Hey, this really does beat a real job.

My point with this is this: Is this the future of entertainment? The big studios have been ditching making quality shows and movies for the more cost-effective “Reality” genre. They usually are phenomenally successful too like The Osbournes or Kardasians. This Twitch platform is just a future devolution towards easier to make but ultimately shittier entertainment. Remember how good Seinfeld was anyone?

I can’t wait for the biggest show in the universe to just be some girl staring into the camera dressed as a cat showing her massive mega-titties while she checks her phone or chews gum. That’s quality!

I usually avoid watching guy streamers because it’s mainly entitled white privileged assholes like PewDiePie who just like to say misogynistic and racist things all the time because that’s how they normally are in real life and think most people are like that too.

There are a handful of streamers I do want to mention that I really enjoy watching though. First there’s Livibee because she’s really beautiful and her personality is bright and bubbly. Not to mention she’s sweet and a Master Starcraft player. There’s Angrypug who I watch because he is funny as hell. KatGunn aside from being really beautiful actually has a great personality and is into nerdy shit like comic books, metal, and video games.

Old White Shitheel

If there’s something I really hate it’s old entitled white men.

Look at this ass-licker for example. Totally engrossed in the American system. Flag worshiping and believes Democracy is in the “soul” rather than created by the Ancient Greeks.

As for his “Why weren’t you in Hiroshima when the bombs fell” comment that is completely racist he probably does not even notice it in the slightest.

If I could destroy all these dinosaurs like him with a snap of the finger I would.

Mass Death Does Not Move Me

I’ve reached a point of my life where most humans might as well be paper cut out dolls.

What I mean is I find them all too common and alike. It’s a bit boring and droll.

Aspects of people’s lives just seem identical and interchangeable. Are these people really alive?

Everyone drives a stupid pickup truck. Everyone is vaping with the latest vaporizers. Whole groups of people are indistinguishable from one other.

So, if people die in the destruction of a building, or if they get caught up in a mass killing which is inevitable in this day and age… Why should I care too much?

Martial Arts

Last semester, maybe about four or five months ago I decided to start Danzan Ryu Jiu-Jitsu.

It’s been a lot of fun. I am excited to go to every class. I definitely get excited about learning the techniques. I get enamored with the pain because when it courses through me the dots connect in my head on how the move is performed and how the whole nerve, joint, and muscle matrix comes together.

Doing the holds and getting them right is a masterpiece of pain, or like a computer program that executes beautifully. Whenever I am in a lock or hold feeling pain or doing it to someone else my mind goes crazy and I think I reach a kind of nirvana. I think I am starting to crave the pain like a drug and I need to check myself that I don’t get too lost. I think it might actually be possible to endure it so much that my arm breaks, or I might hurt someone else which I definitely do not want. Man, I sound crazy.

After every class, when I go home I can not fall asleep. It gives me such a rush and I feel so good. I go to class the next day feeling wrecked from lack of sleep but I don’t care. I enjoy it too much. Fuck computers.

It has definitely stirred a great curiosity in myself to explore the realm of martial arts. It’s a journey that is ahead of me.

Every art has its mythos and background. Personally, my favorite stories are the rivalries between Brazil and Japan. I like reading the history of these two countries and I very much love that the rivalry continues to this day. This goes for the stories of Helio Gracie fighting Kimura and getting his arm broken, supposedly in front of 40,000 people. Or how Royce Gracie, or any Gracie for that matter, would go through entire tournaments and not break a sweat or even have an opponent so much as land a punch. My favorite fighter of all-time has to be Sakuraba who is Chaos Incarnate with his miracle wins, crazy unorthodox fighting style, and stupid goofy antics. When he started spanking Royce Gracie and making silly faces at the camera I thought he was nuts and had a deathwish. I kind of fell in love with him. He doesn’t win at all these days, but I still love him.

The rivalry between Brazil and Japan has brought out the best in the two countries fighters. It’s actually kind of beautiful. I would like to learn techniques from both countries. I also enjoy videos of off-duty Brazilian cops kicking ass.

I am still figuring out what I like. I would really like to continue learning Danzan but that really depends on where on planet Earth I find myself. I know that I like doing locks and holds. I found games like “passing the guard” really invigorating and even though it wore the fuck out of me I probably will be back for more sometime. Do I want to stick with a system where the partner is more or less compliant? Or do I want my partner to be a huge pain in my ass and resist everything? How about running in and “shooting” because that looks really cool. I really don’t know.

I don’t expect to learn much punching and kicking. If things go down around me my first recourse is always to run away like a bitch. I don’t care. It’s the most logical and rational course of action.

It would also be good to mention that NJPW wrestlers also have strong backgrounds in martial arts and I love those guys. Minoru Suzuki was able to beat Ken Shamrock in his prime. If you look at their ears, especially people like Tanahashi, you notice that they are all messed up and they have probably had their share of real non-scripted battles. They do what they do to tell a story, and that is another thing entirely.

My favorite wrestler, Kenny Omega, is a purple belt in BJJ. So is Maynard of the band Tool and A Perfect Circle. These are atypical human beings who are probably several standard deviations smarter than the average person. Plus, they are kind of crazy and I love crazy.

I am more concerned with obtaining knowledge than chasing a belt color. I might be an ignoramus saying this but I think the system doesn’t make sense to me. I know the Japanese Jiu-Jitsu system takes something like six years to achieve black-belt while the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu system takes like ten years plus. Would both black-belts be equal? I don’t think so because there’s definitely a huge difference in time it took to get to black-belt between the two. There is also a huge difference in the method of training. The whole belt thing ultimately confuses me.

All I know is that it keeps me interested in life. I am ultimately willing to learn anything from anyone and am grateful for the people who share their knowledge with me. Maybe I can find myself in Russia one day wrestling a bear (not gay burly dude). Who knows? As long as I have fun.

The Fate of Really Stupid People

To me, stupidity is a grievous sin. That’s one thing Satanism and I agree upon.

I read headlines like “Faith Healers Sentenced to Prison for Killing Their Children Through Neglect” or “Child Dies of Diabetes Because Took Child to Chiropractor Instead of Medical Physican.”

I have seen it a lot in my own life as well.

Let me first say that everyone is stupid at times, myself included. The stupidity I refer to is definitely a pattern and its the willfulness to think and act stupidity with very little attempt at self-improvement. It makes me think that people are born really stupid and just can not help it.

Aside from being really stupid, my stepfather was very cruel and malicious as well. It is my belief that stupid people will phase themselves out of existence and in many times many horrible ways. My stepfather died one of the worst deaths imaginable, a slow painful death where his entire being just withered away.

See, there are these boxes on Marlboro cigarettes, at least in America. They are warnings about the ill health risks associated with smoking. In Europe and Asia they are even more pronounced with pictures of people with holes in their necks. When you smoke you are giving your informed consent about what these things will do to you. Not surprisingly, many people still smoke.

Eventually, my stepfather was eating out of his stomach. Then he had an iron halo put around the crown of his head with screws in head included. He could no longer eat and he dropped weight. I’m sure he was in chronic pain. He couldn’t enjoy the small everyday things in life like eating, drinking, or just being without pain and discomfort. This went on for about a decade before he finally died.

This is a man who hated doctors, didn’t believe in global warming, and treated me like a piece of shit because I did not agree with the Afghan or Iraq war. He saw no benefit in higher learning. He used to say things like “Oh, which party ended slavery? The Republicans.” Of course, historians would point out that the Republican party in the time of Lincoln does not resemble the modern day party, but people like him are more focused on simple labels than the specifics.

One time my mother and stepfather video called me in the middle of the night and chastised me for being asleep. I was in Thailand and they were in Hawaii, so of course, there’s going to be a major time difference. It’s like the concept of time zones and the light hitting the globe and different levels was beyond them.

I have to mention that despite the horrendous way my stepfather died my mother still smokes. I love her very much and I wish she would stop.

Currently, my sister and her boyfriend do not vaccinate their children. They believe it is harmful technology. Her boyfriend believes the earth is flat and NASA is run by Nazis. I get scared because I love my niece and nephew so much and my worst nightmare is the parents Darwin Awarding their own children.

According to The Psychopath’s Bible you should see everyone as heading on a path of self-destruction, which is what they secretly want. That is true to some degree but what causes the anxiety is seeing loved ones doing so and not being able to stop them.

I am not special. I am not intelligent. But at least I am able to see the common sense in not smoking or taking major vaccinations. I do not want to see loved ones make majorly bad life choices and pay the consequences. I didn’t want to see my stepfather in the shape he was despite everything.

However, people like this are going to phase themselves out and their gene pool as well. Maybe this is nature. Maybe this is Darwinism.