Why Sanders is a Threat to the Military-Industrial Complex

Bernie Sanders wants everyone to have healthcare, access to education, and other social services like childcare. Many in Europe already have these things and have had them for decades.

Usually, when people are poor and live in non-prosperous areas they turn to the military to help provide them with job training, access to health services, and when they are done with their service money to attend the school of their choice. This is all provided they do not get killed, blown to bits, or end up a vegetable for the rest of their life.

Bernie’s plans would alleviate many people’s woes and the army would prove a less attractive opportunity if peoples were guaranteed a certain standard of life.

You see, America is a neoliberal dystopian shithole. Poverty has always been a major recruiter for the U.S. Army. People are born poor and they sign up in order to escape their poverty. Given how generally shitty America is there is never a shortage of recruits for this volunteer army. There are always people willing to go fight for freedom, or more likely, the resources of other nations. There is the phrase, “Your zip code is your destiny.”

The United States Military is the most socialist institution in the county. They will pay for your housing, day care, medical needs, and educational tuition. In exchange you have to go around killing brown people. They love it more if you are a brown person and sign up too.

It’s ironic that many indigineous peoples of the U.S. make up a huge portion of recruits. What they do is basically destroy other peoples’ societies and culture. Exactly what was done to their ancestors. I see a never-ending cycle.

It comes as no surprise that the United States does not have free tuition or universal healthcare. Without it they can’t get poor people to go kill other poor people in third world countries who happen to be sitting on oil or some other precious resource. Given Global Warming, if you believe in it, the world is just going to have less resources like water and people are just generally going to be more aggressive and fighting for dwindling resources. Of course Jesus Christ might come in before that all happens so you never know.

So yeah, America should do better but the elite have a huge advantage that the average person is lethargic and apathetic. They are usually too poor and ignorant to recognize the predicament in the larger sense.

BJJ is Humbling

The other day in class during live rolling the best I could do against a sixty plus-year-old woman was get to a standstill.

She had submitted me or got into a dominant position multiple times.

Granted, if the test were pure strength I would have won. However, this is superior technique we are talking about.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the ultimate in technique and most other forms of martial arts pale

in comparison to it. Not to mention that it produces far better fighters than traditional martial arts.

My Family, the Proletariat

I have recently gotten into a spat with my mother. She wants me to work a job that I would really have huge apprehensions about working.

See, when you do the math correctly, the position comes down to less than minimum wage. This is work that not any random person can do. It involves numbers, Excel, computer competency, and in theory you need to be available 24/7 for any requests.

There must be a huge line for that position, right?

Well, not really. For some reason, they have a hard time filling the position.

However, my mom is upset that I’m not taking this wonderful opportunity.


I think it has to do with my family coming from a piss poor upbringing. One where opportunities are few and far between. A lot of my family had kids without establishing a career or education. The thought that I would even negotiate wage is repulsive to my mother.

They have a mindset that things are scarce. They might even think they are low worth.

I’m embarrassed.

Da Hawaiians

I have been unfairly critical and demeaning of the people of Hawaii. Now that my time here in ending I feel regret.

Yes, I do feel isolated and that the people here are kind of odd. I mean, it’s an island in the middle of the ocean separated from just about everything else this world has to offer.

Yet, we are all sentient beings with needs, wants, and hopes. The people here are just trying to survive to the next day. It must hurt to see people come in this refuge and then alter the way life is conducted here. Strip malls are being built. People are buying houses and only living in them a few months out of the year causing the average price of a home and living to rise.

There are wonderful people on this island. There are loving people here. There are people that if they saw someone suffering the street they would immediately do everything in that power to help lift people up.

Let’s not end my time here on a bad note. I want peace. My entire family loves Hawaii. I have Hawaiian cousins and family. My grandfather was born in a plantation town called Nalehu and I have ancestors buried in unmarked graves around the rainforest.

For some reason, my ancestors from Japan and the Philippines decided to leave their homes and make a new community out here on these chains of islands. I will never understand that, but they did.

People out here look like me. People around here look like my family members. I can not help to go around town and have a strange familiarity with the people.

So when I am gone and leave, let me just say that even though life was not ideal this island and the people are part of my heritage whether I like it or not. I know that as soon as I open my mouth most people probably reject me or think differently of me. But, I do have a stake in these islands. I can claim them. Deep down, I’m the same, you just never realized it or bothered to find out.

Black Metal Mentality

I enjoy this genre very much.

It has kind of taught me to live life as an individual as someone separate from the rest of mankind because of my rationality and scepticism.

Many artists also emphasize nature and the power of the forests and mountains. Extreme and powerful weather like blizzards.

On the one hand you have your bands that sound a bit punkish (I know I can get a bit of hate for this) like Carpathian Forest, Mayhem, and some of Gorgoroth. It has a very tongue and cheek and blasphemous portrayal of Christianity and society.

Then you have the artists like Emperor and Satyricon which kind of approach the genre as a high art almost.