Bill Maher on Stan Lee

Okay, so Bill Maher said along the lines of (paraphrasing):

“Stan Lee and comic books made people stupid.”

Statements like these just go to show the overgeneralizing and over-simplification of problems.  It likes people want an easy explanation for something.

That statement is along the lines of:

“California forest-fires happen because people don’t rake.”

It’s stupid and people who use this kind of rhetoric are ideological blowhards.  It’s an attention seeking ploy.

When I was in the Real Time audience everyone else stood up to give Bill a standing ovation before the show.  I did not.  


Everyone peaks at different times.

Look at Heather Locklear or George Clooney.  It took them until the age of 40 to really hit their stride.

I suppose a lot of people have a good run from the time they are around 18 to maybe age 25 or 30 and then it’s all downhill for them.

I do not think that I fit in that category.  And I think many people do not, so if you are reading this and have anxiety about turning middle age then please do not despair.  Our stars still burn bright.

My Fowl Friend

For some reason today this chicken decided to hang out at my table.  I leaned over the table, waved, and said hello to it and it never left.

I suppose I am a kind of Dr. Doolittle.

However, I eat chicken and am making fried chicken right now.  But, is it possible for me to have such a relationship with a chicken that I might want to stop eating chicken, and then meat, and then maybe go vegan?

I do truly love animals.  However, many people say that true animal lovers do not eat meat.  

Yet, does not the Lion eat the gazelle, the impalas, or zebras?  We see this in the animal kingdom.  Many anthropologists would attribute our relatively larger brain size and cognition to a meat diet.

The Exorcism of Bjorn

Exorcism of Bjorn Ferm

This is my Uncle Bjorn.

He’s not actually my Uncle but he’s a really fun dude to hang out with.  The commanding voice in the background is Keithen.  I love these guys and they were my great friends while I lived in Bangkok.

Since Uncle likes to drink sometimes he can get totally inebriated.  I suppose it is like a demon that comes and terrorizes someone.

My friend decided to do an exorcism in the street around 2:30 AM.  It was a very exciting night.

Eventually there was a fallout though and I had to get away from the excitement and walk back home.

I love these nights though and they are quite precious.  I had an awesome social life.

Family Pains

I don’t get along with many members of my family.  Specifically my one sibling and pretty much all my cousins.

And that’s okay…

I think anyone with unconventional beliefs and opinions is going to run into opposition with the common person.  My family is as common as it gets.  Throw on top of that the inability to tolerate certain ideas and the exaggeration and misinterpreting of things I say and that is just a recipe for disaster.

I learned the hard way it is not a good idea to have these people on my Facebook.  I am not the person to just post pictures of food and my children all day long.  I like reading my friends’ posts that are provocative and make me think or inform me, even if they go against my personal morals or beliefs.  In turn, I like to post what I find interesting and worth talking about as well as blowing off steam sometimes.  I know that lesser tolerant and more reactive people will take things personally.

Like when I say, “I’m going to shoot my kids in the back of the head in the forest for repeating corporate slogans” a smaller minded person is going to think “Oh no, he’s going to shoot MY kids.”  Never mind the reference to Of Mice and Men or the fact that I’m talking about myself, since some people are so self-absorbed of course I’m always talking about them no matter what.  When I say, “If I had children I would have never been able to fly out to South East Asia, live there, and have the best time of my life” I’m obviously saying your kids suck.

I love my family.  Let’s get that straight right off the bat.  But many are religious to the point of irrationality.  Some hold right-wing beliefs.  Many have chosen to have unplanned children before establishing a career or education.  Your basic salt of the Earth apple-pie Americans.  

If I knew then what I know today I probably would have kept every one of them off my social media and just emailed about the weather all day long.

I don’t really like watching what I say.  It entails that I have to assume that almost everyone I interact with is an ape incapable of hearing something they make not like.  I have been this way since college and I’ll continue being this way the rest of my life.  

Fruits of Rational Living

Living rationally is important.

It is a shame that most people these days can not do a cost/reward calculation in their lives.

For example, the cost/reward ratio of having an unplanned child or whether or not to vaccinate.  The cost and reward of pursuing higher education.  The cost and reward of letting debt pile.  The cost and reward of living life scientifically or through the dogmas of religion or New Age living.

I cause a lot of grief when I ask questions regarding people’s actions, but these questions are really asked out of concern and love.  It seems reason can not penetrate ignorance and over-reaction.

It is forgotten that most people are more like the rest of the Animal Kingdom.  Quick to react and less likely to rationalize or process concepts or ideas.  Emotions dictating judgment.

I find the best revenge is to live the best I can.  I have much to be thankful for.

I do not have creditors calling me or people I know looking for me.  I never started using a credit card.  I did not need the instant gratification of buying things with deferred responsibilities.  I have started preparing for the future by going into index funds.  I have no children because I know it is very expensive and energy consuming to raise them properly, and especially here in the United States.

I have traveled the world and made friends.  I have had experiences only an un-tethered life could provide.  

For many, I notice their lives are getting harder while my very own is opening up to vast opportunities.  I will have the ability to roam the earth again.  My mental state will not be unhinged by having to take care of children or pay back a car loan.  I am not a fool.

Still, to this day I am doing new things and having new experiences.  Meanwhile, I see that others are becoming dejected and burdened by the everyday trivialities like having children, working low paying jobs that demand too much from the individual, dealing with the consequences of their ill-chosen significant others.

People who were once relatively happy and youthful have grown old and have become former shells of themselves.  It is one of the biggest tragedies I have seen happen yet I am powerless to stop it.

I swim in the blue oceans of Hawaii and laugh.  In the months ahead I will be on a plane headed to the next exotic location.  I look forward to new cuisines, women, friends I will make, experiences unfathomed that I will partake in.  For others, maybe they struggle to take care of their children.  Maybe they get evicted or their house foreclosed.  Maybe their children lead a lesser life than they were given.  At worst, maybe they get killed in this violent America.  Chewed up and spit out in this machine cycle that I keep seeing enveloping loved ones.

This is revenge.  It is truly sweet.  Most importantly, it is passive because I am not living my best to spite them but to make myself happier.  When I’m floating on my back in the Andaman Sea.  Or letting monkeys run loose crawling on my body at a sacred temple.  Or when I cash out Bitcoin to start a retirement fund.  I think to myself, “This is truly something.”

While other stars have burned out and faded away, mine continues to rise.  It rises still.

Chiang Mai Markets

Chiang Mai Outdoor Market

I don’t want to be too negative with my posts so here is something lighter.

This is an outdoor market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Thais are master craftsmen and you can get the most amazing objects carved in wood.  Not to mention fresh, delicious, and exotic tropical fruits.

This is just a regular street market but there are more extravagant ones like marketplaces on the water.

Big Island Blues

from r/BigIsland may this post live forever:

I know this will probably get deleted because Hawaiians can’t stand any criticism, no matter how valid, of their precious Big Island but here goes.
This place sucks. I have no seen so many self-righteous and entitled people. The people in Hilo think that Kona is not “Real Hawaii.” People on this island think the other islands are not “Real Hawaii.”
People here have the attitude that they do not want you on their island. They are aloof at best and downright rude and horrendous. There is such an elitist attitude about being born and raised here. However, I am thankful my family did not stay and raise me here like my grandparents because if I was born and raised here I would probably be bland, uneducated, unsophisticated, and lethargic like most people on this island. Worse I can be like these meth heads you see missing teeth.
No one here gives a damn about anything. If you have medical needs too bad the people here are too incompetent and lazy to save your life. No one cares about the people who have to take the bus. There’s not even handicap access. I’ve tried talking personally to Hawaii Mass Transit but surprise they don’t care. Just more apathetic government type workers.
It’s a nightmare here. When I go to UH Hilo I feel like I am back in high school. The attitude of the people is really aloof.
The women here are pretty bad looking and they have bad attitudes too.
The Big Island is straight up trash. The best rebuttal people come up with is “GTFO.” No one wants to talk or address the problems.
These have been some of the worst few years of my life being here on the Big Island. I came from Orange County, a place where the KKK would leave pamphlets tied to your doorknob, and I find THAT PLACE more preferable to the Big Island.
I hope the Big Island isn’t “Real Hawaii” because it’s a fucked up trash place.