Rube Stepfather

I share this anecdote to relay how my stepfather thinks.

We have all been to Las Vegas, right?  Any person who knows the barest amount of statistics can at least tell you that The House has an advantage against the average person.  This is how they make their money, only a few lucky people will.

They have, and probably still have, this really awesome Aliens video slot machine.  If you want to see the pretty animations and just have fun it’s one cent per pull minimum.

Knowing that my odds of winning a significant amount of money are  not that great I decided to just do the minimum just so I can see the awesome animations.  I am a fan of Aliens.

But of course, my stepfather was saying that you have to put in “real” money just win anything.  Just playing a penny per pull was not good enough.  He was treating it like a science and was totally serious.  He seemed frustrated that I would gamble just a penny per session.

That’s the type of rube he was.

The same type of person who didn’t believe in second-hand smoke and would smoke in close proximity to children in his car.  The same that doesn’t believe in scientists, doctors, and global warming.  By the way, in his final ten years of life he was in chronic pain and eating through a tube in his stomach.

I do not spend a significant amount of money because I have a rudimentary knowledge of statistics.  I do not smoke because I know it can lead to lung cancer, throat cancer, heart disease, tongue cancer, and a pretty horrible quality of life.  I am not a rube.  I am not an animal.

You know what? Your kids fucking suck!

Oh, not my kids, not ever!


No one likes kids screaming for no reason.  Or acting selfish and shitty just because they feel like it.

Your kids smell like a combination of sweat, shit, and piss.

No one wants to pay for a ticket at the movies and here your kid whining and screaming.

Surprise, your kids and not perfect.  Most likely no one cares about seeing their pictures on social media.  They get sick if it, especially if the kids are the only thing you have going on in your life.

Stop shoving them down our throat.

Kids are not an accomplishment.

Planet Earth has too many people the last thing we need is your fucking kid.

Why I’m Different from the Common Person

Look around here.  What does one see in the people?

Interchangeable characters all wearing the same type of baggy clothes driving their Toyota Tacoma with vaporizer glued to their lips.  Puffing out the same tired mist.

After a while, these people become cardboard cutouts.  One and the same.  Indistinguishable, unremarkable, the human equivalent to an annoying background noise.

Travel around this great nation and one can find more examples of this type of monoculture.  Everyone seems the same.  They hold the same opinions and do the same things.  Quite bland.

OH IF I WERE COMMON LIKE EVERYONE ELSE!  If I just wore Volcom, drove a giant pickup truck, and was married to some heffer with three children already.  I could have a job breaking rocks.  Then maybe my mother and family would be more accepting of me!

Alas, I am a Lion.  We Lions bear an enormous crucifix throughout our lives.  Many go throughout their lives thinking themselves strange and outcast.

It turns out many are just intellectual and use the God-given gift called “rationalization.”  For us, we can anticipate the consequences of our actions, make predictions about our future, and most importantly perform a risk-reward calculation.

You see, a wild animal is just driven by their human drives.  Once they start smoking cigarettes they get hooked.  You can show them people who have holes in their throats from smoking or warn about the dangers of lung cancer and they would still appease that drive to light up.

A Lion, on the other hand, examines the long-term consequences of these actions.  They say “perhaps I wouldn’t like to die eating through my stomach, speaking through a voicebox, and generally spending my existence in misery.”

When they have sex, do they worry about the growth of the human population and the increase in carbon footprint?  Nay, they do not even look inwards to themselves determining whether or not they have the capability to properly raise a child or children in the United States.  With no career, no fortune, and not even the slightest blueprint of a future plan they delve into the huge responsibility of childbirth with the wherewithal of one who is going to “take a shit.”

Then their children grow up and do the same exact thing.  Thus the cycle continues.  This is folly.

Someone closer to the Ubermensch or Overman, someone closer to being a Lion than their born Animal Natures are able to see the cost of smoking or plan for life-changing events such as bringing children into this godforsaken world.  They are able to assess the situation.

Our decisions are made with evidence.  Our actions are deliberate.  We can avoid the trailer-park existence most Americans are suited to these days.

Just as in Zarathustra, humans have an innate Animal Nature and the possibility to rationalize and think logically.  Most people are on the “animal” end of the spectrum and lead a mindless existence of perpetual consumption. Their contributions are more like that of a virus.

Today I attended the induction for the Hilo chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

Phi Theta Kappa is for people who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Let’s just hope I stay there.

I want to say that the past few days have been kind of lovely.  I don’t look upon everyone on this island with disdain, there are certainly nice people and I think I experience it mostly with these school events.

I do not want to sound like an asshole with my generalizations.  I get frustrated because moving from Thailand to Hawaii is pretty much a downer for me.  Things are more expensive, attractive women are less in quantity, and things are generally extremely boring.


Strength from a Lifelong Influence

There are two people who greatly influenced my life and have penetrated my psyche.  I have a particular personality and I think I have absorbed some of their essence into my being.

The first is Howard Stern.  I think I have taken on some of his cynicism, sarcasm, and biting scathing remarks towards enemies or people I would dislike.

He has always told his brutal truth and I admire him for it.  I feel a strength from his anger.  People like Les Moonves have betrayed him and I enjoy his constant haranguing of him.  When he had a witch on his show and they did a spell to give him cancer I thought it was genius and inspiring.  I wished prostate cancer on someone I hated after that.

There is a blackness and darkness I can definitely identify with.  It has inspired me to speak my mind even when people hate me for it.  Some members of my family do not speak to me anymore and I have lost friends, but it is worth it and better than trying to impress everyone.  I no longer care if what I say makes me unhirable or unlikable I say it anyways.  I think it is a strength and for people who have this trait and life eventually works out great in the end because they have integrity and are not trying to measure up to other people.

I live on an island of inbred meth-addicted ass clowns who just eat spam and macaroni all day.  Most of the women are not under 250 lbs.  People here talk like they have single digit IQs.  Nothing here works because the island is run by morons.

If I cared about making friends or being in the good graces of the people of Hawaii I would not have said that.  But I don’t so fuck them, they can suck my nuts.

I know my family would hate me for saying that, but again, I don’t care.

Like Howard, being this strong, it eventually weeds out the people one doesn’t want in their life anyways.  Sometimes I unintentionally hurt someone I love, but then I realize I am forged from a stronger steel.

I used to be a big Lady Gaga fan…

I used to be a really big Lady Gaga fan.  I had her album.  I bought her songbook and started learning her songs on the keyboard.

Then years later I see her in a photo wearing a dead fox around her neck.

Something about that struck me as extremely vulgar.  I love woodland creatures and the fact that one died just so some bitch could wear it around its neck really disgusted me.

Sooo….  I’m not longer a fan.

By the way, that David Bowie medley Gaga did was shit.  Oh, and Pink was able to dangle from the top of the ceiling  while demonstrating acrobatics while singing her heart out.  Lady Gaga never did shit like that.


Rating Places I Have Lived

Panorama City, California 3/10

Junkies, gang violence, and ghettoness give this place a low rating.  I remember hearing gunshots going off in the distance at night.  Very scummy place to live.

Yorba Linda, Californa 7/10

Very boring, plain, and suburban but the quietness and lack of crime make it nicer to live.  Good for solitude and close to metro areas.  People are not that great, but at least they will leave you alone.  Except for the KKK which left a flyer attached to the doorknob.

Koreatown, Los Angeles 4/10

The actual Korean areas are nice with malls and fancy coffee shops.  However, the Central American gangs kind of ruin the experience.  Lots of junkies, homeless, and cholos.  The area is improving and getting gentrified but not soon enough.  Most landlords in this area are probably slumlords.  People seem generally miserable in the more run down areas.

Bangkok, Thailand 9/10

Excellent place with a superb nightlife.  Easy to meet people and make friends.  Very active social life and good for any lifestyle.  Low cost of living is a humungous plus given the high quality of life a Westerner or someone with decent money will experience.  The corrupt police, the occasional scammers, and government ineptitude keep it from a perfect score.  However, this is probably the most perfect place I have lived yet.

Zhengzhou, China 1/10

I had only lived here for a month and a half but there’s the expression “You don’t need to jump in the mud to know that it’s dirty.”  There were feces, human and otherwise, everywhere as well as pollution, litter, and other bodily fluids.  The people are not friendly at all and will take advantage of you at a moment’s notice.  People walk around throwing trash while coughing and spitting everywhere.  Extreme xenophobia.  Most buildings look like Communist tenements.  You can see the thickness of smog everywhere as it impairs vision.  People here are very miserable and hateful.

Keaau, Hawaii 4.5/10

Once you get past the beautiful nature and blue ocean you start to see the warts and pimples of living in this area.  The tourist brochures do not mention this but the people here are fucked up big time.  There are a lot of meth heads who would love to break into your house the moment you leave.  Car theft is common as people steal your cars and sell them to chop shops or abandon them on the side of the road to rust and decay.  There are a handful of friendly people, but there are also a handful of people who hate you just for being on the island.  It is not unusual to have squatters take over the house across from you and set up and meth lab or automobile chop shop.  There is a lethargy and incompetence about the services here.  Medical services are very subpar which major problems not being diagnosed or mishandled (in some cases resulting in…..death…yikes!).  Police can not really do much about the meth labs or squatters.  The post office is constantly losing (or stealing?) packages.  There are little options for an exciting nightlife.  Generally, people are aloof as well.  There is a definite mistrust from people because everyone is robbing each other.  If you look a smooth running and peaceful place to live this is not the place.