Da Hawaiians

I have been unfairly critical and demeaning of the people of Hawaii. Now that my time here in ending I feel regret.

Yes, I do feel isolated and that the people here are kind of odd. I mean, it’s an island in the middle of the ocean separated from just about everything else this world has to offer.

Yet, we are all sentient beings with needs, wants, and hopes. The people here are just trying to survive to the next day. It must hurt to see people come in this refuge and then alter the way life is conducted here. Strip malls are being built. People are buying houses and only living in them a few months out of the year causing the average price of a home and living to rise.

There are wonderful people on this island. There are loving people here. There are people that if they saw someone suffering the street they would immediately do everything in that power to help lift people up.

Let’s not end my time here on a bad note. I want peace. My entire family loves Hawaii. I have Hawaiian cousins and family. My grandfather was born in a plantation town called Nalehu and I have ancestors buried in unmarked graves around the rainforest.

For some reason, my ancestors from Japan and the Philippines decided to leave their homes and make a new community out here on these chains of islands. I will never understand that, but they did.

People out here look like me. People around here look like my family members. I can not help to go around town and have a strange familiarity with the people.

So when I am gone and leave, let me just say that even though life was not ideal this island and the people are part of my heritage whether I like it or not. I know that as soon as I open my mouth most people probably reject me or think differently of me. But, I do have a stake in these islands. I can claim them. Deep down, I’m the same, you just never realized it or bothered to find out.

What I Will Miss About Hawaii…

There’s a few good things about living on the Big Island.

First and foremost I love the wildlife. I have lived with geckos the past six or so years and it’s wonderful. The Big Island geckos are bright neon green and have cute personalities. They love to ride on the dashboard of my car. The babies love to crawl on me. They are sweet looking. I talk to them and make sure they eat bugs.

Mongoose, related to weasels, run around and they are cute. Chickens and hogs run around. The occasional goat wanders around.

The beaches are probably the best in the world. There is so much aquatic wildlife including bright colored fish. There are not too many dangers like poisonous snakes or saltwater crocodiles. The water is clean and deep blue.

Old Asian people are everywhere. They remind me of my grandmother who is very cute. These people are adorable as well because they putter around really slowly and look two-hundred years old. It is not like when I was living in Orange County and everyone was white and crabby.

The air is very clean. It feels good to walk around and breathe. It is better than breathing in big city air.

There are a few local foods that I love. Not to mention tropical fruit.

Living here has been quiet and peaceful. Most of the time too quiet and peaceful but I have used this time to grow as a person and learn new knowledge. I attend Jiu-Jitsu classes. I have built a WordPress server and File Sharing Server.

Big Island Blues

from r/BigIsland may this post live forever:

I know this will probably get deleted because Hawaiians can’t stand any criticism, no matter how valid, of their precious Big Island but here goes.
This place sucks. I have no seen so many self-righteous and entitled people. The people in Hilo think that Kona is not “Real Hawaii.” People on this island think the other islands are not “Real Hawaii.”
People here have the attitude that they do not want you on their island. They are aloof at best and downright rude and horrendous. There is such an elitist attitude about being born and raised here. However, I am thankful my family did not stay and raise me here like my grandparents because if I was born and raised here I would probably be bland, uneducated, unsophisticated, and lethargic like most people on this island. Worse I can be like these meth heads you see missing teeth.
No one here gives a damn about anything. If you have medical needs too bad the people here are too incompetent and lazy to save your life. No one cares about the people who have to take the bus. There’s not even handicap access. I’ve tried talking personally to Hawaii Mass Transit but surprise they don’t care. Just more apathetic government type workers.
It’s a nightmare here. When I go to UH Hilo I feel like I am back in high school. The attitude of the people is really aloof.
The women here are pretty bad looking and they have bad attitudes too.
The Big Island is straight up trash. The best rebuttal people come up with is “GTFO.” No one wants to talk or address the problems.
These have been some of the worst few years of my life being here on the Big Island. I came from Orange County, a place where the KKK would leave pamphlets tied to your doorknob, and I find THAT PLACE more preferable to the Big Island.
I hope the Big Island isn’t “Real Hawaii” because it’s a fucked up trash place.

It’s So Hard to Love You

I want to say that I try very hard to actually love Hawaii.  I wish I could love Hawaii.  I wish I could like Hawaii.

My family has a heritage and history here.  My grandparents were raised here.  It’s the main location my family goes on vacation.  A lot of the women in my family hula dance.  I have cousins with Hawaiian blood.

That being said, I don’t love Hawaii.  Sorry, I just don’t love it.  I never really could.

Hawaii 2018

I am going to tone it down on the Hawaii bashing.  I’m trying my best to enjoy living here.  There are very nice and lovely people.  I do not want my website to just be some anti-Hawaii and bashing blog.  There are so much better things to discuss.

Sorry if I have offended any Hawaiians.

Today I attended the induction for the Hilo chapter of Phi Theta Kappa.

Phi Theta Kappa is for people who have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher.  Let’s just hope I stay there.

I want to say that the past few days have been kind of lovely.  I don’t look upon everyone on this island with disdain, there are certainly nice people and I think I experience it mostly with these school events.

I do not want to sound like an asshole with my generalizations.  I get frustrated because moving from Thailand to Hawaii is pretty much a downer for me.  Things are more expensive, attractive women are less in quantity, and things are generally extremely boring.