Chiang Mai Markets

Chiang Mai Outdoor Market

I don’t want to be too negative with my posts so here is something lighter.

This is an outdoor market in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The Thais are master craftsmen and you can get the most amazing objects carved in wood.  Not to mention fresh, delicious, and exotic tropical fruits.

This is just a regular street market but there are more extravagant ones like marketplaces on the water.

Rating Places I Have Lived

Panorama City, California 3/10

Junkies, gang violence, and ghettoness give this place a low rating.  I remember hearing gunshots going off in the distance at night.  Very scummy place to live.

Yorba Linda, Californa 7/10

Very boring, plain, and suburban but the quietness and lack of crime make it nicer to live.  Good for solitude and close to metro areas.  People are not that great, but at least they will leave you alone.  Except for the KKK which left a flyer attached to the doorknob.

Koreatown, Los Angeles 4/10

The actual Korean areas are nice with malls and fancy coffee shops.  However, the Central American gangs kind of ruin the experience.  Lots of junkies, homeless, and cholos.  The area is improving and getting gentrified but not soon enough.  Most landlords in this area are probably slumlords.  People seem generally miserable in the more run down areas.

Bangkok, Thailand 9/10

Excellent place with a superb nightlife.  Easy to meet people and make friends.  Very active social life and good for any lifestyle.  Low cost of living is a humungous plus given the high quality of life a Westerner or someone with decent money will experience.  The corrupt police, the occasional scammers, and government ineptitude keep it from a perfect score.  However, this is probably the most perfect place I have lived yet.

Zhengzhou, China 1/10

I had only lived here for a month and a half but there’s the expression “You don’t need to jump in the mud to know that it’s dirty.”  There were feces, human and otherwise, everywhere as well as pollution, litter, and other bodily fluids.  The people are not friendly at all and will take advantage of you at a moment’s notice.  People walk around throwing trash while coughing and spitting everywhere.  Extreme xenophobia.  Most buildings look like Communist tenements.  You can see the thickness of smog everywhere as it impairs vision.  People here are very miserable and hateful.

Keaau, Hawaii 4.5/10

Once you get past the beautiful nature and blue ocean you start to see the warts and pimples of living in this area.  The tourist brochures do not mention this but the people here are fucked up big time.  There are a lot of meth heads who would love to break into your house the moment you leave.  Car theft is common as people steal your cars and sell them to chop shops or abandon them on the side of the road to rust and decay.  There are a handful of friendly people, but there are also a handful of people who hate you just for being on the island.  It is not unusual to have squatters take over the house across from you and set up and meth lab or automobile chop shop.  There is a lethargy and incompetence about the services here.  Medical services are very subpar which major problems not being diagnosed or mishandled (in some cases resulting in…..death…yikes!).  Police can not really do much about the meth labs or squatters.  The post office is constantly losing (or stealing?) packages.  There are little options for an exciting nightlife.  Generally, people are aloof as well.  There is a definite mistrust from people because everyone is robbing each other.  If you look a smooth running and peaceful place to live this is not the place.

Looking Back at My Life in Thailand


The 3.5 non-contiguous years I spent living in Thailand was probably the best of my life.

Since the age of sixteen I had always dreamt of living outside the United States and duing 2012 – 2016 it was a reality that blew away all expectations.



I had a social life that rivaled my college years (the first time around).  The women were amazingly beautiful with many of them having a strong attraction towards me.  People were interesting and friendly.

Furthermore, I didn’t have to deal with the problems of the United States such as running into meth addicts, although Thailand has a meth problem as well, dealing with neighbors who beat their children, or Christianity seeping into every aspect of the culture.

Thais are Buddhists, they don’t care if you drink a lot or do other things a lot, gay or straight, there are no judgments.  Their attitudes towards many social aspects of culture tend to be laid back and non-judgemental.  I think their society is lively and fun because of this.

They have never been colonized so the majority has no chip on their shoulder regarding outsiders.

Things tended to be cheaper and higher quality.  For instance, I lived in a studio apartment in one of the poshest sections of town and my rent never exceeded $300 USD a month.  In contrast, I was paying $750 USD a month to live in Koreatown Los Angeles in a neighborhood filled with Central American gangbangers.

Same goes for medical which is why Thailand is such a medical tourist destination.  There are high-quality doctors that are Western trained at a fraction of the price.  Doctors in the United States are constantly missing things like cancer or prescribing the wrong medications.  People are paying high prices for the low standard of care in the United States.

I have met the most fascinating people of my life in this small country as well.  Accomplished people with reputations.  I never would come across these people living in the States much less be accepted into their group.

For those few years of life, I was mainly kept away from the ignorant and ugly American.  Few Americans travel abroad and the ones I did meet were very open-minded and intelligent.










Living abroad showed me that for some people they could have a higher quality and more fulfilling life than if they just stayed in the United States.

In my case being a Japanese man is one of the highest levels of human being in Thailand.  I found out what it is like to have the red-carpet rolled out for someone.  Furthermore, I was able to imagine what “white privilege” looks like in the United States.  I was experiencing something similar in Thailand.

People have told me that they have seen people in movies, television, and magazines that looked like me.  It was meant as a compliment.  In the United States, you are lucky to have a token Asian character that eventually gets his head caved in by a baseball bat!

I used to have a strong attraction towards white females but gradually that disappeared.  I think I realized that I was seeing almost nothing but white women in media, movies, and television.  They were set as the ideal attractive female in the West.  Now I do not feel the same way.  I think I was brainwashed a bit.  I do not think other people are represented fairly in the West.

A lot of people think it bizarre that I would prefer to live in a faraway country such as Thailand.  However, these people think nothing of living in neighborhoods with meth addicts and gangbangers.  I think it’s part of that Americanism which is isolated and feels their society is the best regardless of how objectively shitty it really is.