NCDU is such an awesome Linux terminal program that will show you what is taking up disk space. It doesn’t come with all Linux versions so it’s good to install it. There is no graphical interface which means fast response and a lightweight program.

Installing Acumatica for Demoing Purposes

When installing Acumatica on Windows 10 or Windows server you need to prepare the folllowing: Activate IIS Services via Server Manager on Windows Server or Programs and Services through Control Panel on Windows 10. Important: Select ALL developer options. Install MySQL or Microsoft SQL. Then install Acumatica. After a while of tinkering it finally worked. I got it installed on Windows Server in Virtual Box. Running Acumatica was very CPU heavy with the virtual CPU hitting 100 percent.

CompTIA Security+

Currently, I am studying for the CompTIA Security+ which is a cyber security certificate. I have always had an interest in cyber security. Back when I was learning how things worked I used Reaver to crack the router passwords of at least six of my neighbors. I was living in an apartment building in Koreatown. I pretty much had wireless Internet access throughout the complex. It was so good I eventually went to Time Warner Cable and cancelled my service. I was also able to use Metasploit to compromise a Windows XP system. It was an excellent exploit and it […]

Raspberry Pi 4 Multipurpose Server

I am lucky enough to own a Raspberry Pi 4. It does the following: Plex multimedia SFTP Sonarr, Radarr, Liarr Mylarr (discontinued) Windows Samba It’s really handy and almost seamless. It can be quite a bit of pain to set up but once it’s working it makes an awesome multimedia server. Everything is automated.

First Post

It’s alive… This is my first post. This blog runs on a Raspberry Pi B 3. It uses a 2 TB TeamGroup MicroSD card that I bought. I provide the hosting so there’s no monthly fee for a server. DNS name is provided by Namecheap.