For those with aspirations to enter the Cyber Security field there is an awesome site LetsDefend.

Currently, I am playing around with how to be a SOC Analyst and it’s actually pretty fun. There are exercises where you sift through logs finding source IP addresses.

I am going through the SOC Fundamentals as a place to begin with their tutorials. There are a lot of free modules but there are premium modules for deeper learning.

There is an Endpoint Security simulator which prepares someone for using services like SentinelOne, CarbonBlack, FireEye, and HX.

The search functions on some of these services allow you to put in very broad types of data, like IP addresses, hashes, or just a name. I did not know these tools were so powerful. It makes things easier when trying to evaluate a situation for malicious activity.

The Endpoint Detection and Response is really helpful and you can search a wide variety of information such as processes, terminal commands, hashes, and just about anything.

LetsDefend frontpage

You can get a pretty good understanding of Threat Intelligence using their Threat Intelligence Feed simulator.

Overall, this is my first time using any SOC Analyst simulation. After going through the SOC Analyst Fundamentals material I would think I could enjoy being a SOC Analyst and performing the duties. I look forward to completing the other modules.

I recommend this site for anyone who might be interested in getting into Cybersecurity but does not know what the workload entails.

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