WPScan: Enter the world of WordPress Security

Wpscan is an amazing Linux security tool that lets you scan WordPress sites for vulnerabilities. It does a thorough search of a WordPress site telling you the version of WP as well as the plugins used and their versions. Not only that but it will allow you to try and Brute Force an attack using wordlists. Luckily, Kali comes with their legendary rockyou.txt wordlist and this is what I am attempting to use. The Brute Force attack is quite amazing. Somehow wpscan can find every user account on WordPress and tries a password on all accounts before moving on to […]

What equipment do I use?

Some of you are asking, what tech do I use? What hardware do I prefer to be productive on. Well, wonder no more. I have a Dell G1515 Gaming laptop for when I want to play Escape from Tarkov. It’s a great mid-range laptop with an actually superb monitor. The 3050Ti mobile GPU is great too and should last the next few upgrade cycles. I named my laptop M. Bison. My second is a desktop I made during my first year in Hawaii. I used parts I had to order from a certain company that is taking over the mainland. […]

The Joys of Studying for Security+

For most people studying is excruciating and boring. However, studying on my own for Security+ has been a blast. The CompTIA study guides have introduced so many programs to me like Sn1per and TheHarvester. I can’t wait to play around with these tools when I get a break. Plus, I have to know everything about Nmap. Nmap is the most OG computer security tool of all time. I believe it’s even in the movie The Matrix. I am just as passionate about Cybersecurity as I am about developing with code. Oh what is a boy to do?


NCDU is such an awesome Linux terminal program that will show you what is taking up disk space. It doesn’t come with all Linux versions so it’s good to install it. There is no graphical interface which means fast response and a lightweight program.

Installing Acumatica for Demoing Purposes

When installing Acumatica on Windows 10 or Windows server you need to prepare the folllowing: Activate IIS Services via Server Manager on Windows Server or Programs and Services through Control Panel on Windows 10. Important: Select ALL developer options. Install MySQL or Microsoft SQL. Then install Acumatica. After a while of tinkering it finally worked. I got it installed on Windows Server in Virtual Box. Running Acumatica was very CPU heavy with the virtual CPU hitting 100 percent.