Metasploitable is a virtual machine running Linux that aspiring hackers can use to break into and practice security. As expected, this virtual machine is riddled with outdated software, services with vulnerabilities, and default passwords. It’s up to the end user learner to find how many ways they can break in. I have found a few on my own. The first way I found through the Hacker Loi Youtube channel and it was the ProFTPvs backdoor. There are more ways and this VM is just like a giant puzzle box. Nessus can make vulnerability much easier but the pros out there […]

What equipment do I use?

Some of you are asking, what tech do I use? What hardware do I prefer to be productive on. Well, wonder no more. I have a Dell G1515 Gaming laptop for when I want to play Escape from Tarkov. It’s a great mid-range laptop with an actually superb monitor. The 3050Ti mobile GPU is great too and should last the next few upgrade cycles. I named my laptop M. Bison. My second is a desktop I made during my first year in Hawaii. I used parts I had to order from a certain company that is taking over the mainland. […]

CompTIA Security+

Currently, I am studying for the CompTIA Security+ which is a cyber security certificate. I have always had an interest in cyber security. Back when I was learning how things worked I used Reaver to crack the router passwords of at least six of my neighbors. I was living in an apartment building in Koreatown. I pretty much had wireless Internet access throughout the complex. It was so good I eventually went to Time Warner Cable and cancelled my service. I was also able to use Metasploit to compromise a Windows XP system. It was an excellent exploit and it […]