For those with aspirations to enter the Cyber Security field there is an awesome site LetsDefend. Currently, I am playing around with how to be a SOC Analyst and it’s actually pretty fun. There are exercises where you sift through logs finding source IP addresses. I am going through the SOC Fundamentals as a place to begin with their tutorials. There are a lot of free modules but there are premium modules for deeper learning. There is an Endpoint Security simulator which prepares someone for using services like SentinelOne, CarbonBlack, FireEye, and HX. The search functions on some of these […]

The Joys of Studying for Security+

For most people studying is excruciating and boring. However, studying on my own for Security+ has been a blast. The CompTIA study guides have introduced so many programs to me like Sn1per and TheHarvester. I can’t wait to play around with these tools when I get a break. Plus, I have to know everything about Nmap. Nmap is the most OG computer security tool of all time. I believe it’s even in the movie The Matrix. I am just as passionate about Cybersecurity as I am about developing with code. Oh what is a boy to do?