Some of you are asking, what tech do I use? What hardware do I prefer to be productive on.

Well, wonder no more.

I have a Dell G1515 Gaming laptop for when I want to play Escape from Tarkov. It’s a great mid-range laptop with an actually superb monitor. The 3050Ti mobile GPU is great too and should last the next few upgrade cycles. I named my laptop M. Bison.

My second is a desktop I made during my first year in Hawaii. I used parts I had to order from a certain company that is taking over the mainland. I put a Ryzen 5 First Generation CPU and have upgraded it throughout the years. Currently, the ancient CPU is still there but also accompanied by 32 GB of Teamgroup Memory, a pleasant no-name brand that I was very surprised about how good the quality is. The GPU is an AMD RX 570 and after installing this I had to put in extra fans and a CPU heat sink to keep the temperature down. This is the last time I am going with AMD as far as GPU goes. I have a budget 1080p monitor and a 1 TB SSD and a 2 GB HDD. It’s not my finest piece of work and it sounds like a jet engine and garbage disposal when I start it up. I named him Magneto.

Currently, I am typing this on an older Dell Inspirion which runs Linux Mint. Linux gives a bit of new life to this laptop with specs that were meant to run Windows 7, but not too much life. I’m ready to throw this laptop against the wall. However, the build quality and the ability to exchange hard drives and upgrade on this old laptop is excellent. The name of this laptop is Solomon Grundy.

Finally, I have an Asus i3 that I bought in Thailand years ago. I upgraded from an HDD to an SSD SATA and while I did it I broke the touchpad, which I seem to do when I take the covers off of laptops. I sent it into a professional to fix it which really wasn’t worth the cost because I should have just put the money into a newer laptop. But, I bring it with me to cafes and the UH Hilo library and if someone happens to steal it then it will not be too much of a loss. That piece of hardware is more sentimental than anything since it has Thai writing on the keys and I used to use it as my primary when living in Thailand.

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